Philosophy and Religion Club and our Mission

Truman State University's Philosophy and Religion club is dedicated to exploring various philosophical and religious topics in our pursuit of knowledge about the human condition. We serve as both a place to learn about the important issues that impact our day to day lives, and an informational resource for students in the Philosophy and Religion major and minor programs.

While we do function as a social organization for people within the PHRE (Philosophy and Religion) program, we are open to all faiths, backgrounds, and majors. Philosophy and religion are fields of inquiry which concern the one true experience we all share in common: what it is to be human. As such, you will find that the topics discussed here pertain to disciplines outside of the PHRE field, and the world at large.

Come join us as we delve deep into a range of issues. From the nature of God and the problem of evil, to the nature of happiness and what it means to live a good life, embark with us on a journey of discovery. You might even find yourself along the way.

Meet our Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Ashcraft has been at Truman since 1996. He earned his PhD in American Religious History from the Religious Studies Department at the University of Virginia. His books include The Dawn of the New Cycle: Point Loma Theosophists and American Culture, New Religious Movements: A Documentary Reader (co-edited with Dr. Daschke), and Introduction to New and Alternative Religions (co-edited with Eugene V. Gallagher).  He recently published A Historical Introduction to the Study of New Religious Movements, the first booklength study of its kind.  His research interests include new or alternative religions that cease to be dynamic but retain beliefs about the future that include the species-wide transformation of humanity.  At Truman, he teaches courses on American religious history, new religious movements, gender and religion, African American religions, theory and method in religious studies, ethics, and comparative religion.